Hi Steve, I am in the process of designing a coppice system using apples - based significantly on Ernst Gotsch’s syntropic agroforestry principles, and adapted for the climate of North Devon. This post has been really informative - thank you. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind me contacting you to talk through some of the ideas I’ve had? Everyone I’ve talked to so far has looked at me like I’m mad when I’ve mentioned coppicing apples…

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Hi Jack. Yes we could talk about it. I live in Brittany France so best by whatsapp or something like that. I'll get back in touch when I've got a telephone as mine is broken. You could alos try contacting Phil Corbett who has a website called cooltemperate

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Brilliant, thank you, I really appreciate it. I can't get onto Phil Corbett's website at the moment, but I have found a phone number, so I may give him a try too. I'm actually away for the next 10 days or so, but I'd really love to chat via whatsapp once I'm back - I have certain reservations about posting my telephone number on a public forum, but my email address is jackpeppiatt@hotmail.co.uk. If you don't mind replying via email, we could continue our conversation there - thanks once again for taking the time to reply.



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